A Guide On How to Purchase Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs can be a wonderful thing to collect and there is a special appeal to discovering beautiful vintage rugs at your favorite spot. However, it’s important to be an informed buyer and educate yourself on the basics of purchasing vintage rugs and what you should look for. Royal Oriental Rugs is a top provider of oriental rugs in the Tampa area. If you’re looking for rug stores Tampa residents trust and love, call Royal Oriental Rugs today!


Tips For Purchasing Vintage Rugs


Here are some general tips to keep in mind when you go shopping for vintage rugs!


  • Vintage rugs are unique- Just like vintage clothing, part of the appeal of purchasing a vintage rug is that you probably will not see it in another one or two of your friends’ homes. For some people, this is an important selling point in the items that they purchase! After all, when you spend so much time and energy on a room, you do want it to feel unique. Shopping vintage rugs can help with that a lot due to the fact that it’s pretty difficult to find the same exact one twice. 
  • Vintage rugs can last a long time- While vintage rugs may have some wear on them when you take them home, the fact that they’re already a bit worn in means that they’ve lasted another home before you! When you purchase a vintage rug, you can have beautiful memories with it and know that it came with beautiful memories from another home. Rather than buying a new $60 rug from Urban Outfitters a couple times a year, you could just buy better quality rugs and send them to a rug cleaner like Royal Oriental Rugs when necessary. 
  • Spending thoughtfully- While it may be tempting to pile up your cart at a flea market, it’s important to make sure that you are using and appreciating the things that you are buying. Being more selective can help you stay true to your style and collect things that you will use and cherish, rather than simply hoarding. Being really picky about the vintage that you buy is key if you want to curate a strong style in your home.


Tips For Buying Vintage Rugs


  • Buy for specific rooms- Don’t shop backwards. Make sure to have the size and room pictured in your head when shopping. Choose a rug to fit the room and your aesthetic, not the other way around. It’s important to know what you’re looking for and how it will enhance the space that you envision it in.
  • Where to buy- There are many online spaces where you can look for vintage rugs, such as Etsy. It’s key to find a dealer that you trust and know that they provide high-quality goods. Royal Oriental Rugs is one of the top rug stores Tampa residents trust, and you can order from our Tampa store and ship anywhere!


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Royal Oriental Rugs is one of the top rug stores Tampa residents trust. To find your vintage rugs, call Royal Oriental Rugs today!