Persian Rugs— Why Are They So High End?

An integral part of traditional Persian culture, Persian rugs are an artwork to be revered. With their fine materials, intricate designs, impressive sizes, and rich cultural heritage, it’s no wonder that they are considered a high-end product around the world. At Royal Oriental Rugs, we know all that goes into the process of creating our beautiful rugs, so we also know exactly what it takes to keep them in good shape. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new statement piece for your home or “rug cleaning near me” that’s truly reliable, we’ve got the solution Tampa rug owners need. Check out our selection of Persian rugs!

What Am I Paying For Exactly?

There are many factors that go into creating the fine quality of a Persian rug. As with many other high-end products, there is also a variety of things that can increase or decrease the price of your rug. We’ve laid out a few of these factors for you.

A unique, handmade item. Many Persian rugs are made by hand. And not just any hands. It takes a highly skilled, highly experienced artist to craft a Persian rug. This also means that no two rugs are the same, making each one-of-a-kind.

Time. Because many Persian carpets are handmade, this naturally makes the creation process more time consuming, especially depending on the size, design, and material used in the rug.

Materials. Your Persian rug can come in a number of different materials. The most expensive is, of course, silk, and the least expensive is wool, but cotton can also be used. Some rugs use a combination of these materials. Silk and cotton are much finer than wool, so it takes longer to weave the design, thus making them more expensive.

A worthwhile investment. A Persian rug is not always something people are looking to buy new. In fact, well-taken care of rugs only increase their value with age. This will make your rug a great heirloom to pass down to your future generations, or something to make money off of if you decide to part ways with it. But to keep the rug in top condition, you need to know how to take care of it. This is something Royal Oriental Rugs can help you with!

Keeping Your Persian Rugs Well Taken Care Of

To maintain your Persian rug (thus increasing its value over time) there are a few things you can do, and some things that are best left to the professionals. On your own, you can ensure that your rug is in a low foot-traffic area, some place that is not prone to possible spills or stains. You also want to make sure that your carpet is properly cleaned at least every 5 years. Royal Oriental specializes in repairing rugs and “rug cleaning near me”, so when your rug is in distress, we are the ones to turn to!

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