Long-term maintenance of rugs

 Any type of rug is an expensive product, especially a hand-woven rug, which is a luxury and valuable product. Handmade rugs become more and more expensive as they age, and this is an emphasis that shows us that we should take better and more care of our rugs. In many private collections and famous museums in the world, there are rugs that are 200 and 300 years old and sometimes they are so valuable that they cannot be priced! With this introduction, proper rug storage is a method that can guarantee the health and durability of our rugs. Whether our rug is hand-woven or machine-made, sometimes we have to store it and we have to store it for a while.

The correct way to store rugs

We said earlier that sometimes we have to store our rugs for a long time due to various reasons, including buying new rugs, immigration, traveling, changing house and many other reasons. As you know, rug fibers are such that if exposed to lack of air flow, it will rot and its texture will be damaged. Of course, this happens mostly to hand-woven rugs, rugs, and rugs that are made of natural fibers such as silk and wool, but if the classic 1000 comb rug is not stored properly, it will deteriorate and rot, especially the types that are made of natural fibers such as Wool is woven!

If you don’t need your rug for a while, you can store it by following some tips and then use it again when necessary.

The best way to collect the rug is to roll it. If you want to store your rug, avoid folding or any other method. Rug rolling is the best way to prevent cracks and wrinkles on the rug. Folding the rug causes the fibers and warp of the rug to break, and over time, wrinkles will appear on it and its texture will be stretched. Therefore, even in a short period of time, avoid folding your rugs.

After rolling the rug, wrap it in a white cotton cloth. A variety of standard cotton bags designed for rug storage are available on the market and you can purchase them. But if you don’t have access to these bags, getting a white cotton bag is not that difficult. It is better to use white cloth so that your rug is not colored. Wrap the rug in a white cotton cloth and tie its two ends tightly with a string. This prevents dust from entering the fabric of the rug.

Can nylon and plastic bags be used to store rugs?

The answer must be said, no! Nylon bags prevent the passage of air into the fabric of the rug and cause the rug to sweat and suffer from mold and fiber rot.

If you plan to store a large number of 1000 comb modern rugs, we suggest placing them open and spread out on top of each other, of course, this method is a bit bulky, but it will cause less damage to your rugs and is suitable for a large number of rugs.

Hanging rugs is not a good way to store rugs and you should not use this method except when it is necessary.

Avoid storing the rug in closed, damp, humid, hot, and any environment where air flow does not pass. Any type of rug should be stored in an environment with limited air flow. Storing rugs in closed and lightless environments, which is so-called suffocating and airless, causes mold, bad smell, rotting, nesting of willows and insects, discoloration of rug fibers, dampness and, in general, the loss of the credibility and price of the rug. .

It is recommended to install a hygrometer in the room to know the humidity level of the space where you store the rug.

Storing rugs in hot environments such as rooftops, motorhomes, warehouses and any environment where heat is the main factor causes the soft texture of the rug to be lost and the rug to become dry and brittle, as a result, its strength and durability decrease and its price comes down.