Vintage rug

While the vintage rug is the opposite of the old rug, it can be said that it retains the characteristics of the old rug and is usually called an old-fashioned machine rug. It means a machine-made rug that is produced with modern machines, but has the characteristics of traditional and old and sometimes antique designs. These rugs have an old texture and design, and their colors are usually faded. In fact, the main colors of the rug have been created with a lighter degree, as if the rug has been years old and has an old atmosphere.

Due to the expensiveness of antique and original hand-woven rugs, you can use the vintage type of machine-made rug. Vintage rugs are produced in different sizes and designs. Also, these rugs are usually more durable and more expensive than other machine-made rugs due to being subjected to various factors to create such pigments.

The reason for using vintage rugs in decoration

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the use of vintage rug in decoration creates a new design and space for you. In fact, vintage rugs belong to the group of modern rugs, and choosing and buying them is a matter of taste.

The old-fashioned rugs do not have a specific background color and pattern, and all the colors are mixed and water colored, which leaves the consumer’s hand more open in coordinating the home decoration. Also, due to their unique design, they are easier to wash and clean.

The old-fashioned machine-made rugs have a prominent and simple texture, and the choice and purchase of each of them is the responsibility of the applicant.


Due to this distinction, vintage rugs have a special place in the eyes of modern and classic designers and special people. People who like old and traditional decorations, and indeed classic decorations, have many choices between the various designs of vintage machine rugs. People interested in modern decorations can also change the mood of their living place by using a colorful vintage rug to disrupt the minimal or stereotypical structure of modern decorations and have a combination of tradition and modernity.

Also, these rugs can be used in showrooms, galleries, decorative accessories sales centers, etc. due to their old and durable features. Both vintage and antique rugs are a reminder of the traditions, beliefs and customs of our nation, and if used in the home environment, they link us to tradition and create peace of mind in us.