The effect of sunlight on the rug

Sunlight can have irreversible effects on rugs. Hand-woven rugs, corporate rugs, expensive rugs and other second-hand and cheap rugs can lose their quality under the influence of sunlight and do not show the original beauty. Low quality and second-hand rugs are more damaged when exposed to sunlight, but other quality rugs are not immune to the effects of sunlight. It is always better to use the mentioned care and maintenance methods for each rug in any kind.

 There are several ways to do this.


You can use thick curtains with dark colors to block direct sunlight. Or you can use rugs in a part of the room to be less accessible to sunlight. In some cases, to better maintain the rugs and increase their lifespan, a rug can be used that covers the surface of the rug and also prevents small debris from spilling on the rug. If the color of your rug becomes dull with sunlight, there is no way to restore it to its original color and state. So be sure to use the above methods to optimally maintain your rug.

Replacing windows

Replacing windows and prevent damage to the rug. Older windows do not protect the rug from UV rays. There are several types of replacement windows to choose from. Some of them are made of low-emission double-glazed glass and prevent the rug from fading by reducing the amount of ultraviolet rays.

Rug relocation

Another way to prevent the rug from being damaged by sunlight is to move the rug at regular intervals. In fact, by changing the location of the rug or moving it, it is possible to prevent the concentration of sunlight in an environment and prevent the paleness and loosening of the rug texture.

Drying the rug

Do not expose rugs to direct sunlight after washing is another way to prevent the rug from being damaged by sunlight.

What can be done to repair the previous damage to the rug?

If damage to your rug has occurred and prevention solutions are not currently effective, then think of a solution, such as:

1. Rug patch

A professional can patch your rug so that the tears are not visible.

2. Color restoration

Color restoration is possible when the rug has not lost its fibers. If the rug fibers are worn out, it will no longer be able to dye. There are professional specialists for this job to whom you can leave your rug