The color of carpets

Suitable carpet color combination

Each person likes a certain color and we do not intend to provide a definition for the concept of beauty here, but on the other hand, each culture prefers different colors, for example, most western customers look for carpets with lighter backgrounds, such as Nain or cashmere carpets with soft colors. Are. On the other hand, carpets and rugs with bright red background or lacquered red of Kashan or Tabriz still have countless demand in Iran.

A dye used to dye wool or cotton

Chemical dyes

Most cheap carpets are chemically dyed because chemical dyeing is faster and cheaper.

Vegetable dyes

Carpets dyed with vegetable materials are very rare nowadays, but if you are lucky, you can find this kind of beautiful carpets among the rural or nomadic carpets of Iran. The art of dyeing is as old as human history. Humans have long used different materials to paint their houses and even their bodies. The following table is just a list of materials that have been used for centuries in Iran to dye wool and cotton.

Dyes used in Iran’s carpet weaving industry

Red wild madder root

Blue, indigo plant

Turmeric, green berries

Black, oak tree

Saffron, yellow pomegranate

Pink madder pigment

Of course, more colors are used in Iranian rugs and carpets.

The number of colors used in Iranian carpets

The more colors used in the carpet, the more expensive the carpet becomes. In some exquisite carpets woven by skilled carpet weavers and kept in museums, nearly 250 colors can be seen in the carpet. Creating a carpet with such a complex color combination requires years of experience and knowledge.