Great practical tips for using carpets in home decoration

Carpets have magical powers. Apart from the necessary warmth and comfort, in every room in modern and minimal houses, they soften even the softest environments. The use of carpets in decoration can connect a room, design and place together.

In a chaotic and cluttered space, rugs can be used to divide large spaces into more cozy areas. You can even choose a carpet that makes the small space of the room look bigger. All this depends on the size of the carpet and its location.

How to throw a carpet at home?

To create diversity in a space, you can use carpets with different designs and colors. If you use two carpets in the same room, keep in mind that carpets of the same size can visually divide the room into two halves. Carpets of different sizes are used to create a sense of variety.

It is better when you use more than one rug, the rugs should complement each other in terms of style. Because if not, you will face an unpleasant effect. To learn how to throw rugs at home, try to create a focal point. That is, use the carpet as the focal point of your room. Carpets can have a great impact on home decoration.

When you buy a carpet the size of a room, it is better not to carpet the entire space. Leaving the edges out makes the room look bigger. When it comes to living room rugs, you should know that smaller rugs generally look cluttered and make the space seem smaller. While larger carpets make the room look more comfortable and spacious.

Use your favorite rug as the basis of design and color in a room. On the other hand, if you add it after placing the furniture in the house, you can choose the color of the carpet according to the color combination of your furniture. Try to use the carpet for the visual relaxation of the room. If your furniture and wallpaper have a decorative pattern, choose a rug that is more subtle.

When the walls and sofas are completely overwhelmed, you can try a simpler pattern with neutral colors for your carpet. Never assume that a rug should only be rectangular in shape. Let the way you arrange your furniture determine the shape of your rug. Try to figure out which shape looks best. Rectangle, round or oval?

Carpet in modern decoration

When it comes to using carpets in modern decoration, its style and size come up and where and how to place them? There are many different styles of carpet to consider.

Modern, geometric, patterned, neutral, types of rugs, etc., these styles are completely in accordance with people’s taste and depend on their interior space. If you have different rugs in a room, you may be wondering if they should all match or if you should mix them together. In answer to this question, I must say that there is no right or wrong answer and it all depends on your decoration.

If you want to use a few of the same rugs in the room, an easy way to make it look nicer and more modern is to buy rugs that have a little bit of a pattern on them. In this way, this pattern is repeated on the surface of the room and the uniform flow will not stress the used space.