Rug and colors

In general, lighter colored carpets make the room appear more open and dark carpets may make your room appear smaller. ,

Creating a dynamic home that has the right mood is influenced by the color of your walls, floor and furniture. When you install a light or dark colored rug in the living room, bedroom or corner, you want that area to feel lively and spacious. , cozy up or relax. Walls and furniture are in the same family. So they can create a cohesive look.

The best rug color for reception is to use neutral colors such as beige, cream, sand and light gray. Because it allows flexibility with any decoration and makes the rooms look bigger. Don’t be afraid to try carpets with brown, blue, green or khaki colors.

The type of rug texture creates visual appeal in a large room and often makes it feel larger. Look for complementary colors to create harmony between your rug and walls. You can test color theory ideas by using different samples or by examining conventional colors. In general, the color is the basic element for the carpet. Because it determines the tone and mood of the room. You should also consider how the construction material and style of your rug will affect how you decorate.

Rug and sofa set

To use the rug in the decoration and match the rug with the sofa, decide what type is suitable for your room and the needs of your family and your place. Then look at the layout of your room. If the rugs for the living area and family, consider the arrangement of the sofa. Whether you have a single sofa, a classic combination of two and three or a modular lounge.

In fact, it is the sofa and chairs that determine the shape and size of the carpet. To choose a rug color and pattern, first make a quick list of the color scheme of the room, especially your furniture. To tie the room together, choose a rug that complements the two or three main colors of the furniture.

We suggest that you bring a carpet or a piece of furniture fabric or the color of your walls before going to the exhibition. This way, you can easily match your carpet with your furniture.

In general, if your main furniture is one color, consider choosing a patterned rug. Match the second color in a patterned rug to your sofa. Match the third color of the carpet with curtains, wall color or other accessories in the room.

If your main furniture is covered in fabric or has an elegant design, a rug with attractive colors is very useful. Make sure that the color of your rug perfectly complements the color of your sofa and matches it with accent colors in the room, such as artwork or vases, so that the use of the rug in the decoration is done properly.