Signs Of Mold In Carpeting

It is essential to keep your rugs clean no matter how clean you think that they are already. Royal Oriental Rugs is here to tell you how to check for signs of mold. Mold in carpeting is no joke because it can cause a lot of illnesses and other problems around your home. Luckily, if you do stumble across mold in your carpet, we offer amazing Tampa rug cleaning for pet odor, stain removal, and more. We even offer hand cleaning and hand repair to ensure that your rug remains authentic and beautiful. Rugs add such beautiful colors and styles to homes, and they tie the room together no matter what. Our team in Tampa provides free deliveries and pickups for rugs if you are feeling inspired to purchase one. Regardless, we hope that the information we provide on mold will help you because it is never a bad idea to keep tabs on it. You never know what is growing in your rug. 

How To Check For Mold In Carpeting 

There are many ways to pinpoint signs of mold in your rugs, and we want you to know what they are. We provide the best Tampa rug cleaning around, so we will certainly be able to help you. First, you might be able to see mold in your rug if you notice black or green spots underneath your rug. We recommend that you lift it once in a while for some air and to check for these colors. Second, mold causes a lot of illnesses and allergies, so if you have random allergies, it might be your carpet. Third, if your rug is damp, then mold is more likely to grow on it, so make sure that your rug stays nice and dry, and if it is damp, then that might mean mold is on it already. Fourth, the age of your carpet is sometimes the only reason why you have mold. We know that it is hard to give up an old rug, but you cannot risk keeping mold on it. Last, if your rug starts to smell funky, then that might be the mold. Take a sniff at your rug every once in a while just to make sure. 

New Rug 

For those of you who might require a new rug, we offer the most beautiful ones that will certainly suit your home. We offer 20 percent off of rug repairs and cleanings and 60 percent off of our inventory. We even have a designer that will come to your home for rug consultations. 

Get Rid Of Your Rug

Rugs that have the slightest bit of mold on them need to be thrown away immediately. It is not safe to live with a moldy rug, so it is important to watch for signs and get rid of your rug if it has mold. Our Tampa rug cleaning services might not even be able to help after a while. 

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Royal Oriental Rugs offers advice on mold in carpeting. We provide the most beautiful rugs of all styles, such as modern, vintage, authentic, Persian, traditional, and contemporary. Call or visit us today in Tampa if you need to replace your moldy rug.