Moth infestation has never been a pleasant experience for homeowners. When they attack your home, their primary target is your rugs and carpets. Apart from being a nuisance, the ruins they bring are very quick and sometimes subtle. Unfortunately, most homeowners only discover their infestation after serious and near irreversible damage has been done. So if you want to protect your home from moths, what can you do? Experts here at Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa understand how moths attack and ways to prevent them. As the best Tampa rug cleaning company, we have highlighted pro tips on preventing moth damage on rugs.

Preventing Moth Damage On Rugs

One of the primary ways to prevent moths on rugs and carpets is to clean them regularly. When cleaning, make sure you clean the air duct that hosts debris which serves as food for the moths. When vacuuming the entire surface of a carpet or rug, do that for the whole surface. In addition, vacuum all cracks that you might find in your baseboard. Finally, when there is any liquid spill on your rug, clean it up immediately. When you hire the best Tampa rug cleaning company, you get comprehensive and thorough cleaning services.

Getting Rid Of Moths On Carpets

There are lots of ways to get rid of moth infestations on carpets. These include using temperature or chemical-based strategies. A common choice for most homeowners is natural, non-toxic treatments. This mixture is guaranteed to work and will drive pesticides away without depositing toxins. However, where the infestation is extensive and severe, combined treatments are required. This consists of treatments to kill both adult moths and those in their egg stages. For a budget-friendly rate, you could get a reliable moth solution from a reputable Tampa rug cleaning company.

Identifying Moths On Rugs And Carpets

During their early stages, moths can be significantly tiny. Thus, identifying them can be a real problem. But you are not without signs. For instance, if you could spot silken threading in your home, it is a sign of moth development. You could also find larvae with a color matching that of your carpet fiber. Due to their love for dark and undisturbed spots, you’ll discover moth eggs in these spots. You can also check the edges of your carpets or any tiny patches in the corner of your rug. Another telltale sign of moth infestation is finding cocoons on your rugs. And finally, you could discover their larvae underneath a carpet pile. So, are you willing to search your house for moth infestation? First, take your time so you wouldn’t miss out on these signs. Also, speak with an expert.

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