When examining oriental carpets, you may wonder how best to determine the quality of a specific specimen. Understanding the process of knot counting when inspecting oriental rugs is paramount to learning about the quality among the many rugs available. Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa is here to help you understand the ins and outs of this technical process.


Knot Counting: How To Determine The Quality Of Oriental Carpets 

The count of knots in a particular rug area, also called knot density, helps determine the quality of the rug you are examining. In order to assess knot density, one must make a close study of the reverse of the carpet in question. You must also have a clear understanding of the construction of rugs. Carpets are constructed of several yarns woven through each other and knotted. The more of these knots there are, the more detail the creator can impart to the rug, resulting in a more delicate and unique design for a higher knot count.


How To Count Knots in Oriental Rugs 

A simple way to count knots in an oriental carpet is to lay a quarter on the back of the rug and count the knots along one side both of the width and height of the quarter. Multiply the two numbers, and you will have the knots per square inch measurement or KPSI. This measurement tells us just how delicate the rug in question is. The knot count is significant because it determines the depth of detail the carpet will display. The higher this number, the more detailed and unique the rug can be. 


Just like pixels in an image, the knots make a smoother image the more of them there are. However, knot density alone is only one part of the equation when determining the quality of a carpet in relation to another.


An Antique Example: Heriz 

For example, take a look at this Heriz rug. From the Heriz village on Mount Sabalan, these carpets are one example of celebrated Iranian specimens. As they are rather unique and distinct, they should be relatively simple to spot. Displaying an exquisite patina and worked in vibrant colors often said to be a result of the high copper content of the water in the area, these carpets are a gorgeous display of luminous Persian blues with noble terra-cottas all displayed on a wealth of cream-toned backdrops. 


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