You just bought your new oriental rug from one of your local rug stores, and you’re ecstatic about it. It fits great with the colors of your hardwood floors, curtains, and home decor. You may not have thought through exactly how you’re supposed to clean it. It may be unclear if you should vacuum it or not. 


Royal Oriental Rugs is here to help. We can give you the right information on how to clean your specific rug. We are professionals at cleaning rugs and are here to ease your concerns. We are here in Tampa, and here for your rug repairs as well. 


We provide pet odor and stain removal, hand cleaning, hand repair, up to 20% off rug services (cleaning & repair), up to 60% off rug inventory, in-house designer (available for consultations), FREE pickup & delivery and authentic, vintage, oriental, Persian, traditional, modern, contemporary styles.


Buying from Rug Stores and Safety in Care


When you invest in a new beautiful oriental rug, you want it to last. How you clean it helps determine how long it lasts.


The safety of how you clean the rug depends on what type of material your rug is made of. It also depends on the kind of vacuum you own. Generally, vacuuming is highly recommended in giving your rug a long life.


When to Vacuum


How often you vacuum depends on how much tracking you create on the rug. If you live with a lot of people in your house, then you’re going to get a lot of traffic. If it’s only you in the house, you may not create as much traffic. 


For high-traffic rugs, you should vacuum weekly. For lower traffic, bi-weekly should be fine. Whatever your needs, don’t wait until your rug is visibly dirty. Keep up a routine that gets it clean when it has smaller amounts of dirt. 


Use Lightweight Vacuums


The best option is a lightweight canister vacuum. Rugs are delicate and need to be cleaned with a gentle vacuum. Please do not use an industrial vacuum, as it can damage your rug. 


If you’re not sure if your vacuum is too harsh or not, trust your instincts. When in doubt, don’t use it. Invest in a gentle vacuum, or you can hire professional cleaners to ensure that it is cleaned correctly. 


If your rug does get damaged, you can call us in Tampa for your rug repair. 


Make Sure You Clean the Back


Most people vacuum the top of the rug. It’s evident because it’s where you see the dirt the most. However, it’s essential to clean the back of the rug too. It’s not necessary to vacuum it as often as the top. Vacuuming it bi-weekly should suffice.


Vacuum Horizontally Too


Vacuuming from side to side helps make sure the dirt is being collected without messing up the rug. Avoid the fringes of your rug as well. Too much wear and tear on them can damage your rug. 


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