Do You Know The Difference Between Oriental Rugs & Persian Rugs?

Are you thinking about getting a new rug for your home? Here at Royal Oriental Rugs, We tell you all about the differences between oriental rugs and Persian rugs. Both of these types of rugs are beautiful in their own ways, which is why many homeowners have them in their homes or simply cannot resist purchasing them. Even though both of these rugs are perfect for any household, we have found that homeowners do not know the true differences between Oriental and Persian rugs. We believe that some homeowners would love to know the differences between authenticity, artwork, and quality in general. We take pride in our rugs because we supply various patterns and sizes. We also offer rug repair Tampa locals swear by, so you can rest assured that the information we provide is accurate, and it will help you decide which rug is perfect for your home. Even if you find that both rugs are suitable for your home, you will at least know the differences. We are the best in Tampa!

Oriental Rugs Versus Persian Rugs

You are probably wondering what the true differences between Oriental in Persian rugs are. We offer amazing rugs and rug repair Tampa residence cannot live without, so we hope that you gain insight from our information. We first want to clarify what an oriental rug actually is. We like to say that an oriental rug is not always a Persian rug. However, Persian rugs can be considered an oriental rug. Essentially, an oriental rug is a type of rug that was created in the Oriental. This does not include Iran. We now want to clarify what a Persian rug is. This rug is essentially a rug that was created in Persia, and the production was in Iran. Also, we like to think of Persian rugs more so as carpets. These rugs are very high-quality for various reasons, but we like to think that homeowners are attracted to them because Persia is known for a lot of ancient artwork, and they are very famous for their rugs in general. The people who create both oriental and Persian rugs are extremely talented and skilled, which is another reason why we are so proud to sell them to homeowners all over the country.

Key Differences

We understand that just because you know what both types of rugs are, this does not mean you know the key differences between them. Here are the main differences that we want you to know about: 

  • The fringe on the ends of the rug are sewn or glued
  • Canvas is sewn onto the bottom of the rug
  • It’s easy to count the knots on the squares
  • The bottom of the rug is soft
  • The bottom matches the top of the rug

You Can Trust Us 

We supply the most beautiful rugs in the area as well as offer rug repair Tampa locals insist on. We tell you all about the differences in rugs, as well as why they are exceptional for homeowners to have in their houses. These are just a few reasons why you can trust us when it comes to purchasing the perfect rugs for your home.

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Royal Oriental Rugs are professionals who want to educate you on the differences between oriental rugs and Persian rugs. No matter which type of rug you choose to purchase for your home, you can be certain that it will look authentic and that you will get the bang for your buck. So call or visit us today in Tampa for more information.