Anyone who lives in or around the Tampa area knows how humid it can get. This humidity can be hard to deal with for both you and your oriental rugs. Here at Royal Oriental Rugs, we tell you information regarding how humidity can actually damage your oriental rugs in the long run. Even though this is a common concern for homeowners who own oriental rugs, it’s still important that you know about it so you know why your rugs might not look as fresh as they used to. Our rugs can handle a lot because they are authentic and well-made. They come in vintage, contemporary, and modern styles so every homeowner can find the perfect ones for their homes. That is why it’s important to take care of them and learn about what can affect them like the humidity. Our carpet repair services can mend anything wrong with your rugs, and it helps if you know what causes the damage in the first place. We offer oriental rug cleaning Tampa locals swear by so you can be certain that we can help with any rug damage you face. 


Carpet Repair Due To Humidity

You probably wonder how the humidity causes rug damage or other effects on your rug. Luckily, we provide oriental rug cleaning Tampa residents love, so our advice is legitimate. Plus, no matter how much your rug appears to be damaged, we provide diligent hand cleaning and hand repair, so your rugs turn out good as new. One problem that humidity does to your rugs is to invite pests to your home. Insects enjoy both humidity and crawling around in a cozy rug, searching for food. Yuck! Another problem is that your rugs can become dirtier due to moisture carrying in dirt and debris. You might not even realize your rug is so dirty because you never walk on it with dirty shoes. However, the humidity dirtied it up. Another effect that humidity can have is mold growing in your rug. Moisture can get trapped easily within the rug’s fibers, and mold can begin to grow, which is never fun to have in your home. Mold smells and can make you sick. Maybe your spring allergies are coming from your rug. 


Be Aware 

We understand that homeowners cannot control the humidity. However, it’s important to understand the effects that it can have on your gorgeous oriental rugs. With this knowledge, you might want to turn your air conditioning up more or simply focus on cleaning your rugs during the humid months. Plus, we offer up to twenty percent off rug services such as cleaning and repair, which is one of the reasons we have oriental rug cleaning Tampa locals swear by. 


Don’t Let Humidity Stop You

We want you to enjoy the rugs you have in your home. Even though we want you to know the effect that humidity has on them, we don’t want the humidity to stop you from owning amazing rugs. We supply up to sixty percent off rug inventory along with free pickup and delivery. We even offer in-house consultants with a designer to find the perfect rugs for your home. 


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Royal Oriental Rugs are professionals who want you to know how humidity can ruin your oriental rugs. With our knowledge and carpet repair services, you still cannot go wrong though. Make sure to call or visit us today for more information. 


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