When styling your home, you want the absolute best in colors, designs and aesthetic. When shopping for Oriental and Persian rugs, you may wonder if the rug colors have any significant meanings, in which case you are onto something. There is significance to those swirls and patterns, especially the colors, and knowing these meanings can help you shop for perfect rugs. Royal Oriental Rugs in Orlando, Florida, has a wide selection of vintage, modern, Persian, traditional and contemporary styled rugs. We also offer Oriental rug cleaning, with free pickup and delivery in select locations. 


Rich History

Every rug tells a story, as the Persian style captures the detailed history and artistry of some of the world’s most ancient and influential cultures. Made in present day Iran and surrounding regions, the materials, patterns, colors and designs all tell a story. The Persian Senneh knot is asymmetrical and allows rug makers to fluidly weave these intricate works. 


Persian Rugs

Red is often used in Persian rugs to create wonderful designs and a wide array of visual effects. Since red is such a bold, fierce color, it’s added to rugs for emphasis in their designs, with the bright color highlighting important areas of a motif on the rug with a powerful impact. Using madder root to achieve the red color, there are other items such as insects and flowers, which can also produce the right shade of red for rugs. Whichever natural element was used, these rugs fill people with joy and courage. In many Asia countries, red also signifies luck, and brides will often use this color in their wedding adornments. 


Yellow and gold are distinct, often signifying light and radiance in Persian designs, such as the light from the sun or the joy of living. Achieving the yellow shade for rugs was often found in pomegranates, vines, Saffron, and a flower called Ox-eye chamomile. Gold was utilized in designs for royalty and prominent families, mixing in brown to achieve the right gold shade to signify wealth, power, and prestige in old designs. Some rugs will even have golden threads interwoven throughout the designs, creating a subtle yet powerful and distinct allure.   


White and beige make excellent bases and accents in rugs, as white is universally accepted as a color of purity and innocence. The exact shade of white or beige used in rugs would vary depending on the type of undyed wool used. Blue is a tranquil color bringing out people’s inner sense of peace, and is also strongly associated with trust and loyalty. After red and beige, blue is one of the most used colors in Persian rugs. Although trickier to find a natural source to produce a blue shade for rugs, the eventual discovery of the Indigo plant transformed the coloring of rugs in Persian designs, and is often a symbol of power in rug design today, expressing the hope of life after death.  


Oriental Rug Cleaning

To fully appreciate the splendor and meaning behind your Persian and Oriental rugs, it’s also important to keep them clean. At least once a year, have them professionally cleaned to maintain their luster and rich fibers. You may not realize it, but many dirt particles are sharp-edged, cutting into rugs and destroying their fine materials. Keeping your rugs regularly cleaned will help them remain bright, bold, and beautiful for years to come. 


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