How To Choose Oriental Rugs For Your Home!

If you are looking to revamp your home this spring and summer, nothing adds more beauty and value to your home than Oriental rugs. Choosing the perfect rug for every room is no small task, however, as there’s multiple factors to take into consideration, especially if you are going to use antique rugs as well in your decoration. Royal Oriental Rugs in Sarasota, Florida, knows this better than anyone around, and has a wide selection of authentic vintage, Oriental, traditional and modern rug styles, as well as Persian rug cleaning services. 

The Perfect Rug Size

One main component of selecting the perfect rug is determining the right size for your space. First measure the room’s total length and width, and then subtract two to three feet from each dimension. Using a rug that is slightly smaller than the total width and length of the room will make the space feel more open and balanced. You will still be able to see the floor underneath but the room will feel enveloped by the warmth and beauty of the rug, drawing the eye to the floor. In sitting areas, having the rug encompass enough of the floor so the first two feet of any chairs or sofa are on the rug will help to bring this look together, creating a sense of harmony to the eye and making the furniture “anchored” to the rug.  

Accenting With Oriental Rugs

You will want to consider the foot traffic into every room of your home, and how that will affect the use of your antique rugs throughout the house. For heavy traffic rooms, picking a natural fiber rug such as silk or wool will be your best bet. These fibers can last a lot longer than other natural fibers, and even longer than synthetic fibers, which tend to age more rapidly. And keep in mind that the more foot traffic hitting your rugs, the more often you will need professional Persian rug cleaning; most rugs will need a yearly cleaning but may need them more often with more debris and dirt entering them on a daily basis. Remember to also take the rest of the room’s decorations and walls into consideration. If you have a very busy or bright wallpaper or wall color, a more muted or subdued antique rug will look better with this color scheme. If you have subtle wall colors like off-white, a more vibrant and colorful rug design will help to keep the room balanced and avoid it feeling hectic or busy to the eye.  

Protecting your rugs and the floor underneath are always important factors for your rug decorations. Having rug pads adds an extra layer of protection to your hardwood floors and also helps keep your rug from slipping around on the floor. If you are placing big and heavy furniture onto your antique rugs, it’s also important to use furniture coasters to help distribute the weight of the sofa or dining room table better, which will also help stop the weight from crushing your rug’s pile and fibers. 

Decorating With Flair

If you like to keep the decorating a little unconventional, using Oriental or antique rugs in different ways maybe for you. It is a growing trend, but using antique runners for your kitchen or alongside your beds can add flair and class to your normally subdued rooms. You can also place a smaller antique rug on top of a neutral colored rug, like grey or white, to help the antique rug to pop more without it appearing too small for the space. Hanging antique rugs as art is another growing trend among homeowners; a rug on the wall adds more sophistication and color to the walls, drawing your eye upwards instead of downwards. No matter how you decorate your home with Oriental and antique rugs, it’s sure to be a win for your decoration style.  

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