The Best Oriental Carpet Cleaning To Kick Start Spring Cleaning!

Everybody knows that with spring in full swing, spring cleaning is underway. With so many people working from home and spending more time indoors, now is the time to give your home a thorough scrubbing, including your Oriental rugs. Carpet cleaning is a necessity but even more so with the added foot traffic. Royal Oriental Rugs in Orlando, Florida, can take care of your area rug cleaning. We offer free pickup and delivery for certain areas and perform our rug repair and cleaning all by hand. 


Spring Cleaning Done Right

We don’t mean doing the usual weekly or daily cleaning that’s required in your home, but we mean serious spring cleaning. Maybe not toothbrush to the tile floor cleaning, but maybe close. With the arrival of spring, it’s a time of renewal and longer, warmer days spent outdoors and embracing nature. While many of you may feel especially stir crazy with spending more time at home, now is the time to get it whipped into shape before the nice weather and exploring comes calling. Whether you had to redo your home to fit in a makeshift office or school, your house may need a slight revamp as well to get some organization back. The first step in getting your home in tip top shape should be having a plan. Get your thoughts sorted on each room and what needs to be done in each, whether it’s just deep cleaning or going through items no longer needed, having a plan will help you tackle each room successfully and keep you focused on the tasks at hand. Getting some help for the big clean will also help you accomplish more. Enlisting help from friends, family, neighbors, whoever you think will say yes will give you the upper hand in tackling your house from top to bottom.


Carpet Cleaning During The Process

You’ll want to shift focus on going through your items, if need be, and paring down room by room. It may be your closets that need a trimming down of articles, or maybe the attic or basement where you don’t even remember what’s in there. Getting the excess stuff out of your home will make the next step even easier: moving everything out and about so you can properly clean. And we mean moving everything. To get your carpet and area rug cleaning done right, you won’t want any furniture on the areas so you can get every square inch cleaned thoroughly. If you have help already on your side, this will make the process much easier as moving sofas out of a room by yourself is not recommended. But, deep cleaning the rugs and carpet with everything out of the room makes a huge difference that you’ll be able to feel. You can clean the carpets and rugs yourself, but all Oriental rugs need professional cleaning at least once or twice a year, so if they’re already due or close to being due for another cleaning, you might as well get it done now when your home is at its freshest. Having the rugs professionally cleaned will be like receiving all new rugs back, as the cleaning process is much more thorough being done by a rug cleaning company than any DIY recipe you can find online. 


Area Rug Cleaning

Royal Oriental Rugs will transform your Oriental area rugs back into their full and glossy shape. Our professional cleaning loosens up all the dirt and debris that’s been trapped in your rugs for months, revealing their deep and rich colors. Your Oriental rugs’ natural softness will be restored. We clean our rugs by hand, and offer rug repair by hand as well. If you have pets at home, also consider getting our pet stain and odor removal services to ensure a deep clean. 


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Ready to spring into gear with your spring cleaning? Don’t forget to add carpet cleaning to your list. Trust Royal Oriental Rugs in Orlando to provide the best in professional rug cleaning. We even offer up to 20% off our cleaning and repairing services. Call us today!