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Oriental rugs in your home adds an elegant, sophisticated air to your house, no matter what room they are in. Unfortunately, if the rugs happen to be in high-traffic areas, they may require rug repair in the St. Pete area, especially if you can’t recall the last time they’ve had professional care. Royal Oriental Rugs offer rug cleaning in St. Petersburg, Florida, and even have free pickup and delivery available in the area. 

Oriental Rug Maintenance

All Oriental rugs need regular maintenance to keep their vibrancy. Regular vacuuming can help remove dirt and debris before it sinks into the rug’s fibers and causes damage. Also keeping an eye out for any stains that may occur and quickly cleaning them up can help preserve your rug longer. Avoiding harsh chemicals and using common household cleaners to get rid of stains and smells can increase the lifetime of your rug. In addition to these regular maintenance items, you’ll still want to have your rug cleaned professionally, at least once a year. If your rugs are in higher traffic areas, twice a year or more might be better for their overall lifespan. Inspecting your rugs regularly for any wear and tear is important as well, as the sooner you catch any damages or rips, the better for the rugs’ fibers to get fixed quickly. Here are a few common rug damages we run into during our professional rug cleaning in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Rug Repair In St. Pete

Curled edges on your rugs can be irksome, but is also a sign that it may need repairs. If your rug is a cheaper brand, it may be time for a newer model, but if it’s an Oriental rug, you’ll want to get it fixed. When a rug becomes tightly knotted and thickly napped, this is typically from a high foot traffic situation, but it can also be from the way the rug was woven. Either way, the curling edges on your rug will only increase and can affect the fibers further down the road, so it’s important to get them repaired when you can. Pets can also damage your rugs pretty easily, so if you have cats, dogs, rabbits, it’s critical to keep an eye on them while they’re in a room with Oriental rugs. Try to deter them from aggressive play on the rugs, as well as any chewing or scratching they may do on the rugs. They can easily stain Oriental rugs as well, so cleaning up the areas quickly and seeking a professional rug cleaning in St. Petersburg, Florida, can help rid the rug of the stain and odor, leaving behind a fresh and like-new rug. 

More Wear & Tear

Another damage that can easily wear down your rugs but is often overlooked is moth damage. These “clothes moths” will burrow into your rugs and lay eggs, and once the larvae hatch, they begin to eat away the fibers of your Oriental rugs. The moths themselves don’t eat the rugs, but their offspring will, and it can be fairly easy to detect by the missing fibers. If the damaged area expands outward or appears in other areas nearby, this is a surefire way to know it’s moth damage. This typically is seen in rugs that get less traffic through them or less frequent cleaning, so if you do happen to have Oriental rugs in areas you don’t usually relax in, be sure to check them out right away. It’s recommended to vacuum at least every two weeks to avoid any moths from laying eggs, and if there is any furniture over the rugs, to remove them as well. If you can vacuum under the rug, even lifting up corners at a time, that can greatly reduce any moths from trying to settle onto your Oriental rugs. 

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