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Accenting your home is never easier than with Oriental rugs throughout your home. These beautiful and elegant rugs can be used for many different purposes and ways to perfectly accentuate any home’s style. And with the guidance of Royal Oriental Rugs, we have the best selection of area rugs in the Sarasota region.


Area Rug Stores Near Me

Stop searching for “area rug stores near me” and simply shop at Royal Oriental Rugs. We have a large selection of authentic vintage rugs, along with modern and more contemporary styles. We have Oriental, Persian and more traditional styles for any home’s decor that needs a little sprucing up. Whether you want a more muted color or design to a more flamboyant color choice, we have the best selection of area rugs in Sarasota. We also hand clean and repair your area rugs when needed. We will pickup and deliver your rugs for free in select areas as well, taking one less errand off your hands. If you have pets, we can specially clean your area rugs with pet odor and stain eliminating techniques to give you the freshest, cleanest and most vitalized rugs around.


Decorating With Flair

If you like to keep the decorating a little unconventional, using area rugs in different ways may be for you. It is a growing trend, but using antique runners for your kitchen or alongside your beds can add flair and class to your normally subdued rooms. You can also place a smaller antique rug on top of a neutral colored rug, like grey or white, to help the antique rug to pop more without it appearing too small for the space. Hanging antique rugs as art is another growing trend among homeowners; a rug on the wall adds more sophistication and color to the walls, drawing your eye upwards instead of downwards. No matter how you decorate your home with area rugs, it’s sure to be a win for your decoration style. And rug stores in Sarasota can help you find the right rug for any use in your home.


Area Rugs in Sarasota

Once you’re ready to do some serious browsing, it’s important to keep a few rug components in mind. Iranian or Persian rugs used to be the benchmark when it came to Oriental rugs, but in recent years, rugs coming from India, China, Tibet, Pakistan, Turkey and Napal are just as good if not better than their competitors. A lot used to be said for the thread count of a rug as well, but put more of your focus on the actual wool being used to determine its quality. Checking the tightness and regularity of the weave and the fastness and quality of the dyes used can help you decide which rug to go with. Rather than searching “rugs for sale near me”, come down to Royal Oriental Rugs. Our wide selection of area rugs will give you endless possibilities in decorating your home. Our in-house designers can help you with their consultations on the best area rugs to fit your lifestyle and house perfectly.


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