If you are thinking about placing a rug in your home, we at Royal Oriental Rugs tell you all about our beautiful area rugs that will tie any room in your home together perfectly. Rugs can do wonders for homes, but they can be overwhelming for homeowners to choose which one fits their style the best. We offer high-quality rugs that any homeowner can benefit from because we have all kinds of styles to choose from. Our team supplies authentic rugs that range anywhere from contemporary to vintage and more. We also offer amazing services such as 20 percent off area rug cleaning and repair for rugs that you already own and 60 percent off of inventory. We hope that you feel inspired by the information that we provide about rugs because you will receive nothing but benefits with one of our rugs in your home. We supply the best rugs that Sarasota has to offer!


Why You Should Have Area Rugs 

We want to explain all of the benefits that you can receive with our rugs in your home. First, rugs will reduce noise because they absorb any small sounds such as footsteps and random noises in your home that can get annoying. Second, rugs keep your feet warm because your toes can enjoy a soft touch rather than a cold hardwood floor. Third, rugs will protect your floors from any damage or wear and tear throughout the years. Floors take a beating, so it’s helpful to have rugs around to prevent this as long as you take care of them with our area rug cleaning services. Fourth, you can put rugs in any room that you want, so you are not limited in any way. They can truly tie a room together and give it more character. Fifth, one of the main reasons that people purchase rugs for their homes is that they want their living spaces to be more stylish. 


Why Our Rugs 

Since there are so many companies and rugs to choose from, we want to tell you why you should choose our rugs. We offer top-notch traditional and modern rugs that are sure to fit any home and style. We also offer consultations in your own home with a designer to figure out what rug will go best with your living space. Plus, you can receive free deliveries and pick-ups if you order with us as well as hand area rug cleaning and repairs for pet odor, stains, and any other damage your rug faces.


You Will Not Regret It 

Anyone who is thinking about purchasing rugs for their home should do so! You will not regret having a beautiful pop of color and design in any room. Also, you can rest assured that we have the rug of your dreams just waiting for you to pick it up.


Contact Us 

Royal Oriental Rugs are professionals who supply the most beautiful area rugs in Sarasota. Our team supplies a vast variety of rugs of all shapes and sizes. We love sharing our knowledge and services with homeowners everywhere, so call or visit us today for more information.

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