So you’ve found the perfect rug for your space. You were probably so excited to get it home and lay it out, but now you’re fighting to keep it clean. As the spills, grime, hair, dirt, and dust pile up, you may be thinking about taking on this project yourself. However, all rugs are not created equal, and we at Royal Oriental Rugs want to help you avoid some common mistakes that new rug owners are prone to. Our team specializes in providing quality rug cleaning in St. Pete. If you need professional assistance, call us!


Professional Rug Cleaning In St. Pete


Our team offers a variety of rug services and incentives to our clients. You can expect: 


  • Pet odor/stain removal
  • Cleaning & repair by hand
  • Up to 20% off of rug services (cleaning & repair)
  • Up to 60% off of rug inventory
  • FREE pickup & delivery
  • Consultation with in-house rug designers
  • Various rug styles available; authentic, vintage, oriental, Persian, traditional, modern, contemporary


Common Cleaning Mistakes


Having a do-it-yourself attitude is a beautiful thing, but not when it is at the expense of your rug and it ends up costing you more money in the longterm. If you are planning to go it alone, avoid these common mishaps: 


  • Scrubbing 

When dealing with tough stains, you may think that scrubbing is the best option. While that may be true for other parts of your home, it can be detrimental to your rug. Scrubbing can cause the fibers in your carpet to tear, allowing current and future stains to run deeper, making cleaning that much more challenging. This is especially true for Persian rug cleaning because of its delicate texture.


  • Time Between Cleanings

You should never allow your rug to go too long without a deep cleaning. Though dirt buildup is not always visible on the surface, chances are it’s still there. By allowing it to sit for too long, you are damaging the rug and possibly shortening its life span. You can avoid this by keeping up with maintenance. 


  • Not Testing Products

There is a very good reason why rug cleaning products have a disclaimer to test the product before use. There are different products for different rugs and uses. For instance, you wouldn’t use a product meant for Persian rug cleaning on an oriental rug. So before applying a product to your entire rug and potentially ruining it, you should always test the product on a small, not visible part of the rug to make sure it works.


How To Reverse A Mistake

No one is perfect, and sometimes despite our best efforts, we can still mess up. Lucky for us, some problems can be fixed. If you find yourself attempting to fix a rug problem that is beyond your expertise, the best course of action is to get in touch with a rug professional. They should be able to tell you what to do next. 


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Whether it be Persian rug cleaning or stain removal, you can trust our team at Royal Oriental Rugs to get the job done. Our professionals have years of experience in rug repair, replacement, and rug cleaning in St. Pete. Contact us today for your personalized estimate. 

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