Principles of choosing the right rug for home decoration

One of the most important elements of decoration in any home is the carpet. Rugs, especially handmade rugs, are a work of art and have different patterns and types, each of which creates a special style and atmosphere in the house. This variety often confuses buyers and ultimately selects the wrong carpets.

Most people go to the shops and choose the best carpet according to their budget. The point that is often forgotten is that any carpet, no matter how beautiful and high quality, is not suitable for every home and choosing the right carpet has principles and rules.

The carpet should be selected according to the type of decoration and its use should be predetermined. The carpet that is chosen for the living room is different from the bedroom carpet in terms of material and design. Let’s take a look at some tips that need to be considered when choosing a rug for your home.

Carpet is one of the main elements of houses, but choosing the right carpet has tricks and principles that if we follow them, we can design a more beautiful decoration for our house.

When to choose a rug?

The first point when choosing a rug is when to buy it. If you are planning to change the decoration or buy a dowry, the first thing you need to get is a rug. Buy your favorite rug according to the space of the house and rooms and then match other items with it. This makes the decoration design easier. In this case, you have already determined the style of your home. You can even add different elements to your home decor depending on the design of the carpet you buy.

Select the carpet material

Carpets are of different types. Carpets are usually made of acrylic, polypropylene and polyester with a combination of these. Each of these genera has its own advantages.

Acrylic is the best material in terms of durability and appearance.

Polypropylene has a high color ability and therefore the variety of colors in this type of carpet is high.

Polyester or rayon carpets have a high variety of colors and designs and less lint.

Handmade carpets are also divided into two categories: silk and wool.

Fine-textured silk rugs are more delicate and naturally more expensive than wool rugs.

Woolen carpets have a lower price and less elegance, but the special beauty of handmade carpets can also be seen in this type.

The choice of carpet and its material is made according to our budget. High quality carpets are expensive. However, we must keep in mind that carpet is one of the most important elements of our home. It is better to buy a carpet that is more durable instead of buying cheap materials that lose their shape and form after a while.

To choose the material, we must also pay attention to the environment in which we use the carpet. The resistance of carpets to traffic varies.

Carpets that have a delicate texture are more suitable for spaces such as the bedroom where there is less traffic.

Thick and durable models can be used for spaces such as living rooms that are considered busy.

When choosing a carpet material, pay attention to its washability. This is especially important for families with small children or pets, or living in large, polluted cities.

Greasy stains are difficult to remove from polyester carpets.

Acrylic carpets are highly washable and do not lose their beauty when exposed to water and sun.

When choosing a carpet for your home, pay attention to the type and type of user you intend for it and get all the necessary information from the seller. Carpets are usually expensive, so it is better to choose quality types that are more durable.