Rug Cleaning & The Importance Of Dusting Your Rug

Are your beautiful oriental rugs starting to look dingy? Royal Oriental Rugs is here to tell you about our rug cleaning services and why it is important to have your rugs professionally cleaned once in a while. Our company has a lot of experience when it comes to oriental rug repair and cleaning. We offer everything from pet odor and stain removal, hand cleaning, hand repair, and more! We want to make sure that your rugs stay looking vibrant and just like new at all times, which is why we provide the information that we do. Not having your rug professionally cleaned can lead to fading due to the constant debris trapped in your rug and allergies as well. Rugs, especially oriental rugs, can collect dust over the years, and the build-up can be very difficult to clean on your own after a while. However, with our health, your rugs will come out good as new and cleaner than ever. Take our advice on cleaning rugs because we are the best in Tampa!


Leave Rug Cleaning To The Professionals 

You might be wondering why you should let professionals clean your rugs instead of just doing it yourself. Well, vacuuming and shaking out your rugs regularly will only get you so far. The truth is, debris and dust settle deep into the fibers of your rug, that it is sometimes impossible to get it out without professional tools and techniques for oriental rug repair and cleaning. We highly recommend vacuuming regularly because vacuuming will, in fact, get rid of a lot of the dust, and it will at least keep it from spreading and becoming even worse. However, vacuuming only collects debris on the surface of your rug, whereas our cleaning techniques and tools can get deep into the fibers. The longer you wait to clean your rug, the more and more dust and debris will sink into it, which you do not want! Plus, if you live somewhere where your rugs get dirty from the different seasons, you will likely need your rug cleaned sooner than most people. Your lifestyle can really play a part in how dirty your rug can get.


What Is In Your Rug

Even though you might not want to know, we want to tell you what might possibly be in your rug, so you are enticed to clean it more regularly. Here is what could be lying in your rug:

  • Pet hair 
  • Allergens 
  • Food crumbs
  • Insect larvae 
  • Skin cells
  • Dirt


Our Outstanding Services 

Not only can you guarantee outstanding oriental rug repair and cleaning services from us, but you can get up to twenty percent off cleaning and repair services. Plus, we offer up to sixty percent off of rug inventory. In addition, we are available for consultations in your own home as well as free pick-ups and deliveries for rugs that you were interested in. We sell all types of rugs, such as authentic, vintage, oriental, Persian, traditional, modern, and contemporary styles. 


Contact Us 

Royal Oriental Rugs want you to know all about our rug cleaning services. We also want you to know why it’s important to hire a professional to clean your oriental rugs once in a while. Call or visit us today in Tampa for more information.