Looking For “Oriental Rugs Near Me”? Read These Top Myths!

Oriental rugs are heavy textile pile woven rugs that were created for symbolic and utilitarian purposes. For years oriental rugs have been used in the home and internationally sold throughout many counties. Oriental rugs can be very large in size so that they can talk up your entire living room, or sometimes they are the size of small door mats. Oriental rugs typically are made with cotton, silk, and wool. These unique rugs are very important to Islamic culture. Oriental rugs can include Islamic prayer rugs, Jewish Torah covers, or even Christian altar covers. For many decades, or since the middle ages, oriental rugs have been essential to religion and culture. Oriental rugs are very unique and precious in many countries. Originally oriental rugs were being made in areas between Morocco and North Africa. This region was referred to as a rug belt. Some countries in this area include Pakistan, South Africa, India, Iran, Turkey, and even China. Rugs being made within the rug belt are considered to be authentic. Throughout many different countries, oriental rugs are being produced. Carpet weaving is a skill that involves weaving strands of textile and looping them. 


Commercialization of Oriental Rugs


Oriental rugs have had a look of commercial success since before the 1600s. Western markets began demanding countries export oriental rugs because there has always been a huge market for them. European companies began developing carpet factories in the sixteenth century as citizens began to desire to become carpet manufacturers. Western countries began setting up weaving facilities so they could design oriental rugs that they believe would specifically appeal more to western civilization. Oriental rugs are sought out by collectors and have been sold for millions of dollars. This has caused people to engage in forgery to try to mimic some of the earliest oriental rugs because they know they can be sold for large amounts of money. Have you ever wondered are there any oriental rugs near me? Well, you should check out Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa Bay, Florida sells some of the finest Persian, European and Oriental Carpets and Tapestries in Florida At Royal Oriental Rugs offers services such as rug cleaning, rug repair, appraisal,  treatment, and Maintenace,  and even pet odor removal. They also sell collectible modern rugs, contemporary rugs, tribal rugs, traditional rugs, and Persian rugs. Royal Oriental Rugs provides all of its customers with the highest standard of quality and strive to display their commitment to excellence.


Oriental Rug Tips




You shouldn’t be afraid to vacuum your oriental rugs occasionally. Man people believe that vacuum cleaning can leave an odor and potentially ruin a rug. As long as you have a vacuum cleaner that works properly you should have nothing to worry about. Dusting your rugs can help you get deep into the fibers of your rug to make sure it has been cleaned really well.


Cleaning tips


Another myth around oriental rugs is that you should never get them wet to clean them. Is perfectly fine to use carpet cleans for your rugs to keep it smelling fresh and looking brand new!