3 Reasons to Trust a Rug Cleaning Service With Your Valuable Rugs

Do you have valuable rugs in your home? If the answer is yes, chances are you spend an unnatural amount of time worrying about their cleanliness and overall well-being. When you have expensive rugs there’s always a chance mistakes are going to happen. We are all human after all (although pets are often a culprit of messes too). When there’s a spill or stain on your expensive Oriental rug, surely you want to restore it as closely to its original glory as possible. Your first instinct may be to clean it yourself, but we at Royal Oriental Rugs recommend opting for a rug cleaning service. The following are 3 reasons you should choose professional rug cleaning in Tampa.  

Cleaners are Dangerous

One of the most common mistakes among expensive rug owners are the cleaning solutions they choose to use on the soiled area of their rug. With the multitude of cleaning supplies out there, it’s imperative you understand which chemicals are safe to use on different rug materials. For example, all-purpose cleaners have abrasive chemicals that could irreparably harm your rug. Without proper information, one can inflict color fading or bleaching to the rug fibers. To avoid this calamity, simply bring your Oriental rug to a professional in Tampa who already knows the specific cleaners and what materials they’re compatible with. 

Scrubbing is Counterproductive

It may seem like second nature to violently scrub any stain or blemish on your rug when they occur. This actually does more harm than good. Scrubbing can tear the fibers and lead to irreversible damage. Stains will burrow deeper into the rug when fibers are damaged and make it that much harder to repair. When you use a professional rug cleaning service, they will have the tools and expertise required to remove the stain without costly damage to the fibers and underlying layers. 

Some Damage is Invisible

Perhaps your rug looks perfectly fine so you haven’t taken it to be cleaned for awhile. This is a mistake. When proper rug cleaning is not done routinely, dust and debris that is hidden on the backing and within the fibers damages the rug. Taking your rug to a cleaning service is like taking your car for a tune up. It may cost a little extra in the short term but will greatly increase the likelihood that your rug will last for years to come!

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When you have expensive rugs, mistakes are going to happen. How you handle those mistakes will determine the condition of your rug and how long it will last. Spills, skids, stains, pet accidents, and just plain dirt can do unfathomable damage to your Oriental rug. Trying to clean the mess yourself may seem doable at the time, but without the proper expertise and materials you may do more harm than good. At Royal Oriental Rugs, we offer reliable and affordable rug cleaning service to the good people of Tampa. Call or visit our location today and give your rug the care it deserves!