If you are looking for a simple way to upgrade your living space, an area rug might do just the trick. With its elegant combination of color, pattern, and texture, a rug will succinctly tie together disparate elements in your house and give your space more character. Don’t underestimate the types of rugs available to you in rug stores. Tampa is home to Royal Oriental Rugs, an area-rug acropolis brimming with styles and designs suitable for your space. Keep reading to learn how to find the right rug!


The Types Of Rugs We Sell


When you browse our website or show up in the store, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by just how much variety we offer. Of course, we have our namesake oriental rugs in abundance. Besides this traditional design, we offer rugs of a modern style, rugs with tribal patterns, vintage rugs, and rare Persian rugs. Instead of asking yourself, “what kind of rug can I buy?”, ask yourself, “what kind of rug do I want?” – we probably stock it. And if it’s part of our inventory, it’s up to 60% off. 


Visualize The End Result


As you select your rug, determine what kind of look you want the room to have. Stately presence? Ethnic elegance? Perhaps you aspire for a traditional Victorian look, or desire to add sophisticated color to your minimal palate. If your room is bare, allow the rug of your fancy to dictate how you stylize the rest of the room. Most of our rugs are a symphony of colors and patterns, giving you plenty of design ideas for every room in your house. You can also use the rug to emphasize a thematic color or tie together various visual elements, achieving aesthetic unity!


Prioritize Practical Maintenance


Out of all the rug stores, Tampa is home to, we are unique. We want your purchase to last you a long time and continue wowing your houseguests for years to come. That’s why our store offers a 20% discount on rug cleaning and repair, incurring no delivery fees. If you’ve selected our store, you’ve already made a wise investment in the longevity of your rug; however, the type of rug you buy can also affect its lifespan. Rugs made of wool and synthetic yarn are the easiest to clean, and rugs with a dense weave will weather wear and tear better than a loose rug. Whether you plan to walk on the rug or hang it as a tapestry, be sure to have the rug cleaned at least annually, and rotate it in the room to reduce discoloration.    


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When you’re ready to add a rug to your space, don’t search all the rug stores. Tampa is home to Royal Oriental Rugs, the only stop you’ll need to make to find all types of rugs for your home. The discounts we offer and the maintenance services we provide will make you glad you got your rug from us. Call us today to learn more! 

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