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With summer in full swing, your house may seem like it needs another spring cleaning. If you’re noticing your Oriental rugs are looking worn and torn, it’s definitely time to give them a proper cleaning and rug repair in St. Pete. Royal Oriental Rugs will help restore your carpets to their original lustre and color. We hand to repair all rugs for maximum revitalization.

Rug Restoration in St. Pete
If your Florida home has had endless summer parties, get-togethers, and many children and pets running through it these past few months, it’s time to check your rugs to make sure they’re still in decent shape. Many times it’s easy to take your Oriental rugs for granted as they can be highly durable and strong. But in reality, they can break down over time, especially in higher traffic areas. Regular vacuuming can help, but debris and dirt can get deep into the rug fibres, causing it to grind into the backing and fibres every time someone steps into the rug. Before you go searching for “carpet repair near me”, it’s good to know what kind of repairs you need before speaking to rug repair specialists. You can look at your Oriental rug and see what it may need, but you may not know the lingo of rug repairs or the certain areas that can be helpful for your rug repair in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Carpet Repairs in St. Pete
There are often four common types of rug repairs you may experience: fringe repairs, insect damage, color restoration and reweaving. For fringe repairs, it may seem like it’s a minimal repair, when in fact, the sooner you can get your rug in for fringe repairs, the better. Fringe is part of the foundation of the rug, thus if there’s any issues or the beginnings of fringe wear and tear, it’s imperative to get it fixed as quickly as possible. When the rug is cut from the loom after being made, the fringe is the rug’s warp threads or the foundation of the rug that were strung on the loom while being hand-woven. So when the fringe is worn down or knotted, it can lead to the rug unravelling, so tread carefully on the fringe from now on. In the meantime, your rug is repaired in St. Pete will most likely involve either re-fringing or re-inserting the fringe. This requires reworking the warp threads back into place and re-fringing the rug back into its original design, all by hand. When dealing with insect damage, the most common bugs you’ll encounter are moths. Although you may be able to keep your rugs clean and moth free all at home through regular vacuuming and cleaning, sometimes it’s hard to find the larva in time before they do damage. Most repairs will revolve around using cleaning services to fully remove the moths and eggs, restoring your rugs’ natural beauty and softness.

Carpet Repair In My Area
If you are in need of reweaving, your rug most likely encounters losing knots or tufts throughout the surface area. Since most rugs are hand-woven, it requires hand repairs to the specific areas to restore them back to their full lustre. When a rug starts to unravel around the sides or the edges, it will need reweaving to restore it. Different styles of stitching will be required, either hemstitching, overcast stitching, or re-wrapping to get your rug back into shape. Finding the right rug repair around you shouldn’t be a Google search, but knowing what places offer the best deals and expertise that you need.

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Do your rugs need professional rug repair in St. Pete? Look no further than Royal Oriental Rugs! We do all our rug repairs by hand, giving you the quality and durability you need to keep your rugs in great condition. We even pick up and deliver for free in certain areas. Call us today!