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Pets can bring warmth and joy to your home that is irreplaceable. Who doesn’t love to come to a dog’s wagging tail, or curl up on the couch with a purring cat on the blanket? While our pets are often sources of joy, they can also be frustrating. Dogs and cats can take quite a toll on your floors, particularly when they’re young. However, a durable, pet-friendly rug can be a tremendous step towards a cleaner and more appealing floor. That’s where we come in. We at Royal Oriented Rugs have been providing top-quality rugs to the Tampa area for years; we have the experience and expertise to get you what you need. Check out our services here to learn more!


Our Pet-Friendly Rugs For Sale

We have several rugs for sale that will protect your floors from pet stains and odors by being easy to clean. Low-pile rugs and flatweave rugs are simple to clean, with low-pile rugs having short fibers that make it hard to cling to dirt. Flatweave rugs, however, have no pile with which to grab dirt in the first place. All you need to clean these rugs is a quick shake or a good vacuuming job. You can also check the foundation material of your floor covering. Generally, pet-friendly floor coverings will have either a synthetic foundation or a cotton foundation. Right now, our rug inventory is on sale for up to 60% off, so visit our site today!


The Best Oriental Rug Cleaning Tampa Has

Not only do we provide rugs, but we also offer all different kinds of services for you to maintain them. If your ornate oriental rug has seen quite a lot of damage from your pets, then don’t worry! We offer the best oriental rug cleaning Tampa has ever seen. Our process is informed by years of experience. First, if the rug hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, we beat it down and rinse it off with water to get rid of soil particles. Next, we apply a very gentle solution of water and soap and whisk it across the rug with soft brushes. We’re particularly careful around the fringes of the rug, which are often the most soiled but also crucial to the look of the rug. Then we rinse it off and apply a white vinegar coating to give it a silky texture and sheen.


Our Other Services and Deals

In addition to offering the best oriental rug cleaning Tampa has, we also offer up to 20% off rug services like cleaning and repair. Additionally, we offer FREE pickup and delivery for your rugs. While we do boast exquisite oriental rugs and cleaning services, we also provide rugs in vintage, Persian, traditional, modern, and contemporary styles. 


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We offer top-quality services and rugs for sale to the Tampa community, and we have the expertise you need to protect them from pet stains. Visit us today to see why our community loves our products!