Dining Room Rugs & Simple Style Rules

Do you look at your current dining area and feel that something’s missing? If you don’t yet have a rug under your table, or the rug you do have is old, worn, and drab, then a new rug canmake a huge difference transforming the space into a welcoming environment. We at Royal Oriental Rugs of Tampa not only offer a wide selection of dining room rugs for sale, but we also provide oriental rug repair and cleaning services. Whether you need something new and fresh, or need to restore your existing rug, our services are catered to your needs.


Rules to Follow on Dining Room Rugs

Adding a rug to your dining space is something that is considered a staple in interior design, and there are some good reasons behind it. The rug protects your floor from sliding chairs, rugs offer some sound absorption, and they also just look lovely. There are some rules you’ll want to follow when it comes to choosing a dining room rug, however. Let’s talk about how to choose the perfect rug.

  • Size
    • When selecting a rug, you want to ensure you pick the right size to compliment the table and the room. Too small of a rug and you won’t adequately cover the legs. Too big of a rug and you’ll make your dining room look tiny by comparison. To ensure the size is just right, you want a rug that extends beyond the size of your dining room table enough to comfortably fit the chairs without their back legs touching the floor underneath. This will fall in the ballpark of about 24 to 30 inches from each edge of the table when fully extended.
  • Shape
    • There’s more freedom with shape than there is with style. Typically, you’ll want to match shapes between the rug and table, such as a square rug under a square table. That said, there is room to be adventurous and contrast the shapes, though this is preferred with only small tables.
  • Style
    • Style is where you can let your personality run while to pick the kind of rug that speaks to you–something that compliments the space with your own personal taste. That said, because it’s a dining room rug, you’ll want to make sure the material is something durable and easy to clean. Consider natural fiber rugs like sisal and jute.


Consider a Rug Pad to Keep Your Rug in Place

Rug pads are pads you can place underneath your rug to prevent it from sliding around on a hard floor, but that’s not the only benefit they offer. You’ll want to find one that has a rubber back to it which will keep the rug in place most effectively, but a quality rug pad will also make your rug easier to clean. This is because rug pads allow for more breathability, and more airflow means a fresher smell. These are qualities that are more useful for the dining room than any other rug, so we recommend prioritizing one.


Find Rugs for Sale and Oriental Rug Repair at Royal Oriental Rugs

If you’re on the hunt for dining room rugs now that you know how to pick the best one, be sure to check out our beautiful rug selection here in Tampa. If your existing rug is dirty or damaged, we also provide experienced oriental rug repair services to have your rug looking good as new. To learn more, contact us today or check out our website.