The Keys To Protecting My Area Rug

Ornate rugs have been a key design in many homes since the old days. Ornate rugs can add a touch of elegance as well as change the feeling of an entire room. The right rug can even drastically change the design of a given space. But what happens when your beautiful rug suffers from the wear and tear of daily life?  Better yet, is there any way to prevent ongoing damage? Royal Oriental Rugs is here with “the keys to protecting my area rug” – our recommendations for keeping your rug a beautiful addition to your home for many years to come!


The Keys To Protecting My Area Rug

There are an endless amount of products that claim to be the “top dog” in rug protection. How do you pick the right care treatment? The number one way to keep your rug, as well as other fabrics, looking good is fabric protector. While Scotchgard is the most common name out there, protectant spray is available through many retailers and is an inexpensive investment. A good product such as this will keep spills from staining and protect against damage from the sun.  

Already got a stain? Spot cleaning is the way to go!  Accidents happen, and when taken care of promptly is not usually so bad. Depending on the type of fabric, distilled white vinegar, as well as a variety of other household cleaners, are excellent at removing spot stains, and odors.  

In addition, we also recommend removing dust, hair, fur, and whatever else might have gotten in your rug by vacuuming regularly. More textured area rugs can also be combed to remove anything trapped within the fibers. This will keep rug fabric from matting and retaining dirt over time.


Why Proper Protection Matters

Neigh-sayers will argue that rug protection methods can damage fabrics.  We are here to debunk that! Proper fabric protection is child and pet safe and will not damage or fade rugs or carpets. In fact, protecting your rug will preserve the colors from fading and sun damage, while giving you peace of mind when it comes to drips and spills. Cleanup has never been this easy! We recommend reprotecting your rug after every professional cleaning to ensure maximum carpet stain prevention. Do you have questions about the best way to protect your area rug? Our team is here to help you!


What Services Do We Provide

Our team is passionate about rugs, which is why we offer a wide range of services including:

  • Rug cleaning
  • Rug repair
  • Appraisals
  • Treatment and maintenance
  • Pet odor removal
  • Padding
  • Interior design


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