When it comes to your home, there any many elements of decor in your house that gives it that flair. One of the most notable of this decor is your rug. It seems to be a perfect centerpiece that matches your personal style. There vibrantly colored and intricately patterned vintage rugs need to be handled with care, especially when cleaning them. Here at Royal Oriental Rugs, we are here to make sure that you are properly caring for these antique rugs. Located near Clearwater, our oriental rugs Tampa location is here for you.


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Owning one of these beautiful rugs can also be a little scary at times. It may seem a little counterintuitive. When you think about walking over these rare, one-of-a-kind antiques, every movement can seem to be the worse when it comes to the protection of these rugs. But there is some good news! These rugs are aged pieces that were created to be durable and well-trod. Remember, a little maintenance goes a long way. With that in mind, normal cleaning products may be too harsh and aggressive for your prized antique rug.


How To Care For Vintage Rugs

Are you aware of the material that your rug is made of? Most rugs are commonly woven with wool. If it is not wool, cotton is the next choice. Other materials, like silk and goat hair, still may be among the selection of material that is chosen for a rug, but these are less common. Keep these materials in your mind when you are thinking of how to care for them.


If a rug is crafted with pure materials, like the ones stated above, the care will not vary significantly. There are some small differences, though. An example would be when you use heat. With heat, you can never apply it to silk rugs. This is because they are much more delicate and it requires separate care. When it comes to stains, they are more visible on cotton rugs, so you must take extra precautions to avoid the spills. Wool is favored when it comes to cleaning because it is the easiest. Therefore, wool is a great choice for high volume areas in your home.


It is probably an instinct to constantly be cautious and tiptoe around antique items, but this is unnecessary with antique rugs. Think about it. These rugs are already are in good condition after standing the test of time. They will most likely survive after your home for years and years too! So when it comes to vacuuming, you can do it. In fact, you should do this daily. It is important to remove everyday dirt that otherwise can wear down the pile. Another helpful thing for your rug is to rotate the carpet every couple of years. It will ensure that the rug gets even on foot traffic.


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When it comes to caring for your vintage rugs, Royal Oriental Rugs has all the tips and technique to get the most out of your rug. Our oriental rugs Tampa location is located near Clearwater. Call or contact us today for more information.

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