Spot Treating Your Oriental Rug

While regularly tending to your oriental rug to lift dirt and debris from its surface can help add to your rug’s lifespan, accidents do happen and properly handling those mishaps is important if you want to hold onto your rug for future use. Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa provides quality dry carpet cleaner, rug repair and estimate services for your delicate oriental rug cleaning needs.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Precautions

Check your rug’s label to reveal the safest way to properly spot clean it’s specific fabric. Since oriental rugs can be made from wool, silk, synthetic materials, or cotton, they require a certain measure of fineness and care when being spot treated. Test a small portion of your rug’s surface to ensure the color won’t bleed when moistened for cleaning. If your rug’s label says that it’s “dry clean only,” then your rug is most likely not colorfast and requires professional expertise.


Silk rugs are especially temperamental and we suggest you take them to a professional who’ll expertly clean your rug to preserve its integrity.

Do You Need Dry Carpet Cleaner Service?

If your rug requires special care and its materials are sensitive to moisture, dry carpet cleaning might be the solution you’re looking for. This recently developed carpet cleaning technique allows for no-moisture or very low moisture cleaning for delicate fabrics such as those found in typical oriental rugs. First, pre-treatments (emulsifiers that quickly break down the binding of dirt to fibers) are typically applied to affected areas and given time to set. After 15-minutes, the chemical process dissolves the greasy binds of the soil that prevents vacuum removal of the stain. A thorough brushing system is required to agitate the chemicals enough for stain removal and can best be found at your local specialty rug cleaners. Lucky for you, Royal Oriental Rugs provides this service at a reasonable rate and offers a limited-time holiday savings discount of 20% off.

Add To Your Rug’s Lifespan

Use a broom with straw bristles for your initial cleaning procedure and sweep from one end to another to safely maintain your rug’s health. Do not over vacuum as this can lead to frays, wear and damage to an oriental rug. Try to keep your rug out of direct sunlight as sun rays are prone to fading delicate fabrics. We also suggest you rotate your rug once a month so any gradual fading that will occur, over time, can appear evenly across its surface. Be sure to vacuum the rug on both sides to remove hair, dirt and abrasives that can damage your rug, but be careful not to get any frayed edges stuck in your vacuum.

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A fine oriental rug can be a fabulous family heirloom that can be passed down through the ages if properly cared for. As Florida’s finest purveyor of antique rugs, we offer a vast collection of luxury antique, vintage and reproduction rugs, and offer oriental rug cleaning, dry carpet cleaner, repair and estimate services. Contact Tampa’s Royal Oriental Rugs for your 20% off holiday savings discount today!