Mid Century Modern Rugs Making A Comeback!

If you are looking for a trending, new look for your home or office, you should consider a classical throwback look that incorporates mid century modern rugs. That’s right–these rugs are making a huge comeback. This is probably due to the element of sophistication, warmth, and personality that it can bring to a room. These rugs are beautiful and durable and can serve as the accent or centerpiece of any room that you want to stand apart from the crowd. With a nice rug comes the need for maintenance in cleaning. Royal Oriental Rugs is your friendly source for rugs in the mid century modern style and oriental rug cleaning in Tampa.

Mid Century Modern Rugs: A Brief History

The Mid Century Modern design movement is a classic development in the world of design that is often praised in museums and design history books. It was a very significant trend that helped to shape design trends that followed it. The mid century look took the country by storm and many homes are modeled after these styles. This trend extended to rugs and floor coverings, as well. Mid century rugs are typically colorful, unique, and warm with very distinct shapes and markings. It seems at times that no two of these rugs are exactly alike. They can often serve as the accent piece for a room or a complimentary piece for a room already designed in this style. Maintenance is important for these rugs, so if you have a beautiful rug that needs a little attention, feel free to come see us for an affordable and effective oriental rug cleaning. To browse our cleaning services, visit this page.  

A Trend Reborn

Mid century modern design is a timeless style that is becoming very popular once again. This increasing popularity is led mostly by young people who value the rugs in this design for their rich colors and unique look. They are often used as accent pieces in hallways or living rooms to give a fresh spin to this classic look. It’s about time that these intricate, gorgeous patterns once again rise to the forefront of design trends. It’s not all the same, though. Millennials, who are leading the charge in this trend revival, are finding ways to incorporate these rugs into their homes in new ways and pairing these designs with others. This opens up a world of possibilities in which you can find ways to include one of these gorgeous rugs in your own home.


One of the most common reasons that people are giving for the desirability of these classic rugs is the durability. In an age of disposable furniture, it’s both rare and refreshing to have something in your home that you know is there for the long run. These rugs are typically very well-made and can stand up to pets, children, and frequent traffic. Though mid century modern rugs have this reputation, they are prone to staining just like everything else made of fabric. If you need an oriental rug cleaning in Tampa, Royal Oriental Rugs can take care of you. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and unbeatable results. Feel free to contact us any time to book a cleaning or ask questions!