Pet Stains: Cleaning Carpet Stains Out of Your Rug

Pets are a member of your family; there is no doubt about that. However, they can make things more complicated when it comes to cleaning carpet stains. Most people think that once there is a pet stain on your carpet, that rug is done, but that’s not the case. There is hope for your carpet even after the worst stain is made. Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa has a team of experts that can help you figure out how to treat these stains and make your rug look good as new. Keep reading to find out more about oriental rug cleaning Tampa!


A Guide to Cleaning Carpet Stains

If you have carpeting in your home and a pet, you know that sometimes they don’t mix very well. Although your pet may be potty trained, let’s face it accidents happen, and they can’t always be avoided, which is why it’s time to learn about oriental rug cleaning Tampa! If your pet seems to have found your rug as their favorite spot to go to the bathroom in your home, you may be worried that your carpet is ruined, and you’ll need to replace it. However, there’s no need to work yourself up because pet stain removal is something that the professionals can help with!


One of the biggest problems with pet stains is that they aren’t always apparent right away. Because of this, the urine that your pet left behind begins to dry and turns into alkaline, which means it has reached a pH level anywhere from 10 to 12. This level makes it harder to remove the stain, and it always means that it is a popular spot for bacteria to grow. For obvious reasons, this becomes unhealthy for your family and home, which is why pet stains need to be treated appropriately. Simply using disinfectants and paper towels to clean up the mess isn’t going to do the trick because the urine is still able to penetrate the fibers at the bottom of the rug contaminating the floor underneath. This means that whenever a pet stain occurs, your rug needs to be cleaned professionally to ensure that all of the stains are removed, and there is nothing left behind. Cleaning your rug in a timely manner may prove easier said than done because pet stains sometimes don’t appear for a few hours or days at times. Although this is a hurdle that you’ll face, it is imperative that you make sure the minute you notice a smell or stain you get the stain treated. You may be tempted to try at-home remedies to remove and clean your carpet, but this could end up just causing you to waste money because it will not be cleaned appropriately, and chances are you will still notice a stain or smell. 


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