Many of us enjoy the luxury and beauty of ornate rugs in our homes, and keeping those rugs clean and pristine is important to retain the quality of those rugs. Many rug owners think that cleaning their rugs at home is a simple task, but this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, a do-it-yourself rug cleaning job may actually damage your expensive and delicate rugs. At Royal Oriental Rugs, one of the best rug stores Tampa, we pride ourselves on our vast rug collection and would hate to see your rug get damaged from an at-home cleaning job. We’d like to share a few reasons why you should leave your rugs in the care of the professionals.


Three Problems with Home Cleaning Jobs

Ornate rugs are delicate in many ways, and it’s very important that they be handled with care when it comes to cleaning and repairs. While it may be easy and cheap to try and clean it at home, here are some reasons why that’s not a great idea:

  • Rented Machines Aren’t Powerful Enough
    • A rented machine for cleaning rugs is designed to be as cheap as possible, but that also means they’re not very effective. Professional rug cleaners will have specialized machines designed for cleaning luxury rugs with care.
  • Different Rugs Need Different Cleaners
    • If you aren’t a rug expert, then you probably aren’t familiar with the properties of different rugs as well as which cleaners are best suited for them, not to mention how much of those cleaners. Not using the right amount or the right kind could either not have the effect you’re looking for, or be too strong for your rug.
  • You Risk Damaging Your Rug
    • The last thing you want to do is cause damage to your rug while attempting to clean it. Unfortunately, cheaper rented machines and the wrong cleaner can do just that. Even with the right tools, an inexperienced cleaner can slip up and create some difficult-to-manage damage.


Leave Rug Cleaning To Professionals

At the end of the day, professional cleaners have both the tools and the experience to know how to handle your rug with care. The experts at Royal Oriental Rugs, for example, are all trained on various types of rugs to ensure that all cleaning and repair services are handled properly. That combination holds far more credibility and is well worth the extra investment. After all, an ineffective cleaning job is just a waste of money, as the rug won’t be properly cleaned, and an over-effective cleaning job can damage your rug and demand repair costs. It’s better to leave your rug with professionals who can guarantee it will come out looking its best.


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