Area Rug Cleaning: New Year, New Rug!

We’ve reached a new decade: 2020! We’ve all heard of new year cleaning, but a new decade is easily the best time for some major cleaning to make your home feel fresh and invigorated. If you have a quality rug at home, then now is the time to invest in area rug cleaning. We at Royal Oriental Rugs specialize in high-quality rug sales of many different styles, from modern to rustic to oriental rugs Tampa residents love, as well as rug cleaning services. Start the new decade out right with a fresh, clean rug. We are located in Tampa.


Concerned About Your Rug Style?

If you have a luxurious rug or antique rug, you might be hesitant to leave it in the care of people you don’t know. Let us put those fears to rest. Our team of rug experts understand that older or specialty rugs require a delicate touch. Different rugs will require different cleaning methods to ensure they are both thoroughly cleaned without compromising the integrity of the rug itself. Because we specialize in selling many kinds of antique rugs ourselves, we understand the value behind the rug and the intricacies of cleaning certain kinds of rugs.


Our Area Rug Cleaning Procedure

Our general cleaning process includes a step-by-step process. First, the rug is inspected for details. To remove dust, dirt, and debris, we beat the rug and follow that with water to loosen any particles still stuck to the fibers. A gentle soap and water is then whisked across the rug with soft brushes and brooms. The fringe is handled delicately to maintain its integrity. The rug is then rinsed thoroughly to ensure no residual soap is left on the fibers. Lastly, a white vinegar solution is used to restore the rug’s sheen and texture. This process may change depending on the rug for more sensitive antiques.


About Us and Oriental Rugs Tampa Locals Love

Vintage rugs, reproduction rugs, and tapestries are our specialty. At Royal Oriental Rugs, we are Florida’s largest collection of luxury antique rugs; we are rug aficionados who have a passion for rugs of all kinds and proper rug care. Whether you’re looking for a rug cleaning service, or looking to buy a rug from us, we take care of all our customers’ rug needs. From Persian to European, from antique to modern, we offer a selection rugs rivaled by no other in Tampa.


Contact Us For More info on Rug Cleaning for 2020

Are you ready to start the new year with a fresh, clean rug? No matter the style or the age, our professionals will handle your rug with the utmost care. Area rug cleaning is our specialty, as well as offering a wide selection of oriental rugs Tampa residents have been adding to their homes for years. To learn more about our vast selection of rugs, or to learn more about our rug-cleaning process, you can contact us or come visit us in Tampa. Don’t spend the first year of the new decade with a dusty rug. Start the year off right instead.