Why Are Persian Rugs So Renowned?

Persian rugs are popular for their beauty, durability, and premium quality. Persian rugs are renowned for their finesse and technique that dates back more than 2500 years. Royal Oriental Rugs offers refined cleaning and repair services for all kinds of rugs. We bring you quality Persian rugs for sale in Orlando and Tampa areas. Our wide range of exquisite Persian rugs is a testimony to the tradition that depicts the spectacularly rich culture of Persia.

The Features of Authentic Persian Rugs for Sale

Persian rugs are not just a mere floor covering but are indeed works of art created by expert artisans. The rich and vibrant colors, the designs, and patterns set these rugs from all the rest. Persian rugs have a different standard because they are created with the best materials like all natural organic wool, silk, natural dyes, and century’s old weaving methods.

A Sign of Luxury, Culture and Beauty

The beauty of Persian rugs is unmatched as the designs of the rugs represent the colorful Persian culture. Including a Persian rug in your interior decoration will have a positive impact on your home. These rugs are made with painstaking artisanship hence they are known for durability and supreme quality. If you are looking for Oriental Rugs Tampa then you have to find a store that offers authentic rugs.

Hand Woven Rugs

The luxury Persian rugs are hand woven by experienced artisans who have mastered the art of rug weaving through centuries-old traditions that are passed down to new generations. The rugs made with traditional woven techniques are not for everyone. They are luxury items, they cost a fortune depending on the quality, and the technique used to make a rug. Persian rugs are expensive because each rug is an individual art piece and it represents the amount of hard work and effort that goes into creating perfect oriental rugs Tampa.

Machine Woven Rugs

Machine made rugs are generally less expensive than their handwoven counterparts are because they are created rather quickly. A power loom is used to make a machine woven rug that costs much less than the handwoven one. The materials in a machine woven Persian rug include olefin, nylon and polyester.

Fascinating Motifs

For those with distinguished taste and preferences, each era has its own distinct design. The versatility, color, durability, and function makes the Persian rugs the perfect luxury item if you are looking for oriental rugs Tampa. You can reasonably well maintain used and brand new Persian rugs from local stores like Royal Oriental Rugs.

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Royal Oriental Rugs offers refined cleaning and repair services for all kinds of rugs. We have a wide range of authentic hand woven and machine weaved Persian rugs for sale. Our wide range of exquisite Persian rugs is a testament to the quality and durability of the rugs. Apart from selling Persian rugs we offer repair and cleaning services for all kinds of rugs. Contact us if you want to get more information about cleaning and rug repair services.