All about Persian Rug Cleaning From an Expert Rug Cleaner

Persian rugs are identified from their unique designs and rich colors. They are commonly found in numerous households all over the world. Persian rugs are found in all sort of shapes and different varieties. Although they are customarily made from raw materials such as cotton or wool, other materials such as synthetic material or silk are also used. However, having a Persian rug at your home requires care and cleaning. That is why it is a good idea to send your Persian rugs to an expert rug cleaner such as Royal Oriental Rugs.

Send Your Persian Rugs to a Rug Cleaner

Although having Persian rug laid in your house brings life to your room, like other rugs, they are bound to get dirty. You do not want your precious rugs to look spoilt and faded. Experts in the field of rug cleaning will tell you about proper cleaning techniques to help you understand the cleaning process and its importance in a better manner to take care of your valuable Persian rugs. For the purpose, sending your Persian rugs to a professional rug cleaner will help keep your rug looking new and clean for a long period of time.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Is Different from Your Normal Rug Cleaning

You need to take proper precautions while contemplating the decision to get your rug cleaned. Check the label on your rug as generally, the label will mention the instructions on what’s the safest way for you to handle the cleaning process for your rug.

The material of your rug plays a significant role in how delicately the rug should be cleaned. Oriental rug cleaning requires a certain amount of delicacy and finesse when cleaning. Those Persian rugs that are of silk or synthetic material require to be handled with care when cleaning, whereas wool and cotton entail less care as they are more tough and simple to clean.

It is however recommended that in case of harsh stains, you should consider taking your silk rug to an oriental rug cleaning professional rather than cleaning it yourself.

It is important to vacuum and look after the rug regularly. Make it a point to vacuum your Persian rug minimum once a week. This will help lift the recent dirt and debris right from it, thereby making it look and smell new.

Vacuuming also helps restrain the wool fibers from being packed down. Make sure you don’t excessively vacuum your silk or antique Persian rugs since there is a chance they will easily get damaged and their value reduces. That is why it is better to send such precious rugs to a professional rug cleaning company.

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