Why Persian Rugs Never Go Out of Style

A high-quality rug is an important investment in your home. The right rug can bring warmth, and taste to your home, as well as add some of your personal style. Even with the large variety of modern carpet types available on the market today, there is still a huge demand for traditional antique and vintage creations. This is because nothing beats the masterful hand-execution, top-notch materials, and spectacular designs of a high quality rug. Persian rugs are a classic piece that never goes out of style and will add a luxurious feel to any space. We at Royal Oriental Rugs boast Florida’s largest collection of high-quality antique rugs, vintage rugs, reproductions, and tapestries. If you are looking for the right classic Persian rug to add a touch of timelessness to your Orlando home, or for premium oriental rug cleaning services, call us today!


Why a Persian Rug?


Persian Rugs have been used in the homes of luminaries and kings for thousands of years since their inception in the Middle East. Aly Al Bayaty, the founder of Estuary Auctions, believes that it is the idiosyncrasies of these hand-made pieces that enhance their artistry and uniqueness, cementing their value in a world of modern mass-produced and machine-made rugs. Even a matching pair of rugs of the same design by two different rug makers won’t be identical, because every single rug maker will have their own singular way of production. A diamond shape in one piece may appear differently in another, even of the same design. Often referred to as the “king of all carpets,” a classic Persian rug is a must-have for any home, adding warmth to contemporary minimalism and sophistication to rustic housing. The territory of present day Iran housed one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen, and that civilization produced some of the finest rugs in the world, whose designs and techniques endure today. There, Kashan, Tabriz, or Heriz rugs were hand-woven with the application of the complicated Senneh knot, allowing skilled artisans to create the most dazzling and magnificent patterns. To keep your beautiful rug looking timeless, call Royal Oriental Rugs for an oriental rug cleaning.


Persian Rugs are Distinct Classics


There are many types of Persian rugs. For example, a distinction is made between city rugs and tribal rugs. City rubs generally bear the moniker of the place in which they are woven, such as Kerman or Tavriz, where highly intricate designs interweave into complex creations. The tribal rugs, such as Turkoman or Shiraz, are usually made by people who weave or stitch using wool from their own rural sheep herds. Many antique and vintage Persian rugs also get their rich colors from vegetable dyes made from local plants such as rubia tinctorum or matter (red), indigofera (blue), sumac (violet blues) etc. Collectors prize the graduating tones of rugs using wool which have been dyed in different batches, as this is evidence of these natural and handcrafted processes. Modern dyeing techniques lack these subtleties as today’s dyes can penetrate the fibres more thoroughly and uniformly.


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Persian rugs never go out of style and add class and elegance to any room. Invest in a rug for your Orlando home and call Royal Oriental Rugs for a consultation today! We also offer quality oriental rug cleaning services.